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Common Actor: It was the best job in my life. They are just so brilliant and amazing. You're gonna love the movie.
Jennifer Lawrence: Well, we went to Wal-mart, Josh made cake-balls, I ate all of the food that I had gotten Amandla. I ran into a wall during training. All this excitement makes me want to pee... it makes me feel like a chihuahua. Josh and I are getting married in the next movie. It is a fucking great movie. And I was like to Woody, is that sex-swing? I have the best family. It is so hott! OMG! The ash! Don't look at my feet! I had french fries and stayed in bed until 3. Why aren't you laughing? Everything I say, is funny and adorable! Hi, my name is Jennifer Lawrence. Thankyou so much for this MTV Movie Award, I love playing Katniss and cannot wait until I start work on the next one... but I can't eat this...
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make me chooserivverrun asked: ygritte or margaery

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l y d i a would never run and hide.

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Jen talking about her mentos to Josh at the UK Catching fire premiere

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Josh Hutcherson making fun of his height - again

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